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Latest Report Summary

Over the first three months of the Free Health Care Initiative, HFAC has deployed a network of 14 district coordinators and over 500 Hospital and Chiefdom volunteer monitors.  These monitors have been tasked with collecting information about what’s working well and what could be improved within the Free Health Care Initiative.  HFAC has published these findings in a full report which outlines positive changes and worrying shortfalls in each district along with key recommendations for ensuring the future success of the Free Health Care Initiative.  A copy of the full report can be obtained from the HFAC office on request.

Below is a brief summary of the major findings , threats and recommendations published in the report.

Key positive findings

    Key positive findings common to all districts include:
  • Increased attendance of Free Health Care beneficiaries was recorded at all Government Health Facilities
  • All facilities visited by HFAC monitors had at least one member of staff ready to provide their best service
  • Service was available in most Government health facilities visited
  • There was an increased commitment amongst health workers due to the agreed increase in salary
  • There was an appreciation of the GOSL and the Free Health Care Initiative by community people throughout Sierra Leone
  • The promised Cash for Facilities was available in most PHUs visited


    Shortfalls common to all districts include:
  • There was a stock-out of essential drugs at most health facilities visited by monitors
  • There was no blood in the majority of blood banks visited, and these blood banks were of insufficient quality for safe storage of blood
  • Theft or sale of Free Health Care drugs and other medical materials such as beds and bed nets were recorded on several occasions across the country
  • There was an inadequate number of health workers on duty at most PHUs
  • In most facilities visited no records were maintained for infant and maternal mortalities
  • The exclusion of key Faith Based Organisations mean that in some areas the community has no access to Free Health Care
  • The concept of the Free Health Care Initiative is not well understood in many communities due to a lack of sensitization activities
  • Most health facilities visited had poor infrastructure including an inadequate supply of  water