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Drugs Monitoring: Findings

Postive Findings

Over the first quarter of the delivery of the Free Health Care Initiative our monitors found numerous positive developments were taking place within the drugs distribution mechanisms:

  • Distribution of drugs and supplies were well coordinated by UNICEF and MOHS
  • Support provided by UNICEF greatly improved the efficiency of the staff working at the Central Medical Store.
  • There was good collaboration between HFAC Drug Supervisors, UNICEF and Central Medical Stores personnel.
  • There was a high level of transparency in the receipt of drugs at district level.  All drugs were unloaded in the presence of HFAC District Coordinators, the media, council representatives, DHMT representatives, storekeepers and pharmacists.


During the monitoring activities our team of Drugs Supervisors also recorded the following shortfalls that need to be addressed to ensure the success of the Free Health Care Initiative:

  • There are long delays in the clearing of Free Health Care drugs from the airport and water key.  This greatly affects the timely distribution of drugs and medical supplies
  • There were numerous incidents of excess drugs being discovered at the point of delivery.  In total 450 cartons of excess drugs were identified and in all cases the excess were returned to the Central Medical Store.
  • There were also reported occasions where a shortage of drugs was discovered at point of delivery.  In total five cartons of drugs were found to be short as against the waybill.
  • Supervisors and monitors reported incidents of In Charges having to transport drugs to their PHUs at their own cost using commercial vehicles.  This is a dangerous situation as it causes concern among the public of wrong-doing among health workers.
  • There was poor coordination between the District Council and the DHMT
  • HFAC Drug’s Supervisor Eric Kamara and Director Charles Mambu safely rescued over 900 cartons of FHC drugs from a road accident when heading to Kenema and Kailahun