Health For All Coalition

Well Bodi Na Gentri – Health is Wealth


One of the major projects we are working on is the Independent Monitoring of the Free Health Care Initiative. With support from VSO-SL, UNICEF, UNFPA and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) we have developed a large network of Volunteer Monitors. These volunteers are assigned to Hospitals, Chiefdoms and Wards throughout the whole of Sierra Leone and have the task of monitoring the implementation of the Free Health Care Initiative across all Government health facilities.

How we monitor

We have developed a network that gives us a presence in every chiefdom and ward across Sierra Leone. We have three types of monitors in our network.

  • Hospital Based Monitors
  • Chiefdom Monitors
  • Ward Monitors

To support and oversee our monitors we have a management structure of 14 District Coordinators, and four Regional Administrators. Our Regional Administrators oversee our work from regional offices based in Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Kono. Each of our regional teams is also supported by a Monitoring and Evaluation officer.

What we monitor

Using monitoring tools developed by UNICEF and the MoHS, our monitors make regular health facility visits and collect information about what is working well and what needs to be strengthened for the Free Health Care Initiative to work.

We collate the information our monitors gather into monthly reports and constantly feed back our work to the Government and Donor Partners to ensure that they have a clear picture of what is happening in the Free Health Care Initiative right across the country. Our aim is to provide the MoHS and its Development Partners with the information they need to ensure that the Free Health Care Initiative is a success.

Every quarter we are publishing our work in a Quarterly Report that we are sharing with the MoHS and other donor partners.