Health For All Coalition

Well Bodi Na Gentri – Health is Wealth


The Health For All Coalition is very grateful to UNFPA, UNICEF and NATCOM. The support they have provided will hugely strengthen our ability to carry out our work to the high quality we are striving for.

The donation from UNFPA includes a desktop computer, and laptop computer, a printer, a photocopier, four digital cameras, 14 motorbikes and two cars.  The motorbikes are now being used by our 14 District Coordinators. Having access to the motorbikes has greatly increased their ability to oversee all of the monitoring activities in their districts.  Not only do the bikes mean that they can cover more ground each day, they are also able to reach areas of their district that were previously too hard to reach by foot or public transport.

Each of our regional offices now has a digital camera so that we can document our activities.  And the office equipment is being used by the National Secretariat to strengthen the work they are doing in collating the monitoring information and producing regular reports, proposals, newsletters and updates.

UNICEF has donated 201 bicycles.  The bikes will be used by our Chiefdom and Ward Monitors who have been trained as volunteers to visit health facilities and assess the implementation of the Free Health Care Initiative.

NATCOM have provided us with vital financial and logistical support to strengthen our capacity to monitor the Free Health Care.  They have also given us eight laptops, four of which have gone to the Regional Offices, one to Kono District and three to the National Secretariat.  NATCOM have also provided us with four vital generators to ensure we have power in each of our Regional Offices.

VSO-SL have also supported our work by providing key training for our Hospital Based Monitors.  The training was part of VSOs wider National Volunteering strategy and we are grateful to them for their skills and support.